Book Conditions

Pīwakawaka Preloved Books is a secondhand bookshop. The majority of our stock consists of used books.

We use certain descriptions to list the condition of the book. The conditions of the book can fit some or all of the sub-descriptions mentioned below.

Some you may see in the description of products include:

  • Brand new book/condition: unused, as you would find in a new bookstore.
  • Excellent condition: used, but in pristine condition.
  • Very good condition: used, spine may be broken, but pages and cover are clean
  • Good condition: used, some faults/creases, aged edges of book
  • Okay condition: used, has large noticeable creases, is in extremely used condition, marks, but book is intact.

Some books on our website have extra detailed descriptions such as notifying an obvious crease in a cover, or any faults we feel we need to tell you so that you aren't 'scammed.' 

For every book and physical product on our online store we also provide a picture showing the condition the book is in.