About us

We are 4 West Auckland high-school students who have a passion for reading, and sustainability.  

We came up with this idea amidst Auckland’s longest COVID-19 lockdown (late 2021). We noticed there was a lack of online second-hand bookstores that shipped nationally, and were within a reasonable price. Consequently, we felt the need to do something.

Our main focus is for books to be available to everyone at a low price, and to keep our business footprint as little as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. 

All of our books for sale are pre-loved, meaning they come with a history. Think about all of the other thoughts past readers have experienced through reading them!

With each individual book being $10 or under, it’s affordable. We believe that no matter the financial situation you are in, you should be able to enjoy the pleasure of reading!

Believe it or not, buying new books isn’t as innocent as you’d think. Within the United States alone 2 billion new paper books are produced every year. Which counts for a million less trees and a million more Carbon Dioxide particles in the air - which is quite the environmental footprint. 

So why not do your part, and purchase pre-loved, sustainable books at the touch of a button on our website?

From the Pīwakawaka team xx

Olivia, Hannah, Annie-rose and Natalia